A Huge Victory for Page Street

Page Street

After five-plus years of planning, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) Board of Directors approved the project on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you to our members, neighborhood advocates and Supervisor Vallie Brown. We finally put to rest the excruciatingly slow planning process for Page Street.

This is a huge victory for those walking and biking in the neighborhood. The approved project provides a well-rounded, holistic approach to the overwhelming vehicle congestion on Page Street. Thanks to the leadership of Supervisor Vallie Brown, the project was moved forward earlier this year when she directed City staff to think big and creatively address the issues on the corridor. “Page and Haight streets have become feeders to Octavia and Highway 101,” said District 5 Supervisor Vallie Brown, “But these are neighborhood streets meant to prioritize people, whether on foot, bike or transit. It’s high time we restore the balance.”

Early next year, the corridor will get a makeover including: traffic diversions, a protected downhill bikeway, an uphill bike lane and turn restrictions. Compared to earlier iterations that included only one traffic diverter at Page and Webster Streets, we now have a plan that will successfully affect comprehensive change on Page Street and not just at one intersection.

Alongside supporters for Page Street, Haight Street neighbors came out to the meeting urging the SFMTA to take similar approaches on their street so pedestrians, businesses and transit are made priorities as well. As the Page Street project moves toward implementation, we look forward to continued work alongside the SFMTA during the pilot to better understand the traffic impacts, safety benefits and explore the possibility for similar treatments to Haight Street.

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