A Smoother, Safer Panhandle Path

Improvements are coming to the Panhandle. Come learn about the near future for this beloved green space and help shape the long-term future of Fell and Oak.

With construction beginning this week, we can soon look forward to improved crosswalks at path intersections within the Panhandle. Work crews are also striping the northern multi-use path to better separate people walking and biking, while adding new bicycle racks, benches and other amenities.

These changes will help guide walking and biking in the Panhandle, but there are more opportunities for improving the path to accommodate people in the park. The addition of the Fell and Oak protected bike lanes last year doubled the number of people biking along the corridor, closing a critical gap in the bike network and making the Panhandle an even more popular bike route than ever before.

Do you want to help slow down speeds in the park and ensure that the Panhandle path is accessible to everyone? Boost the effort to extend the protected bike lanes on Fell and Oak along the Panhandle by joining our member-led committee.

Fell & Oak Member Committee 
Tuesday, Oct. 11 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm 
Oasis Cafe @ 901 Divisadero St. (at McAllister St.)

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Become a member and you'll improve your commute and get discounts at shops across the city.