A Win for the Outer Sunset

Earlier this month, we won approvals for the 20th Avenue Neighborway Project at the SF Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) Board meeting. Our members’ support made this win possible and brought us one step closer to true park connectivity in the Outer Sunset.

This popular north-south route connecting Golden Gate Park to Stern Grove is being redesigned to prioritize those walking and biking, with the addition of bike lanes, traffic circles and daylighting (the removal of obstructions to make crosswalks more visible to people driving).

This traffic calming project has frustratingly taken years to get to this point but our members have been there every step of the way, showing up at open houses, writing emails of support, and turning out to speak at City Hall. Soon, 20th Avenue will be the first north-south street in the Outer Sunset with a bike lane. We will continue this momentum forward, pushing for better bike infrastructure in our westside neighborhoods.

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