Our Adult Learn to Ride Classes Get People ‘Rolling’

SFBC member shares some great news.

The SF Bicycle Coalition has seen unprecedented interest over our Adult Learn to Ride Classes. Since 2009, we’ve taught over 200 adults how to balance, pedal, and brake – helping people find the joys of bicycling.

These participants never learned how to bike as children and are now ready to join the huge and growing number of people bicycling in San Francisco. Sometimes, a family member or friend sits on the side, clapping and showing support as students get the basic concept of balancing down.

Look at all these smiling faces! Many participants in the most recent class were female and non-white.

Our instructors use the balance-first method.  Just as in our youth biking workshop, Freedom From Training Wheels, we start by getting participants comfortable balancing on two wheels. Then, we remove the pedals and lower the seat so feet can lay flat on the ground. Once they feel comfortable gliding with their feet up, they get comfortable with turns by riding in figure-eights.

Now, it’s time for the hardest part: pedaling.  We show the riders how to reposition the pedals to maximize power and maintain balance. Usually, after a few tries, most people get the basic concept of pedaling. After another 20 minutes or so, almost all of the class is riding!

This class is just one of the many ways the SF Bicycle Coalition is helping more people ride bicycles safely and easily.  In 2012, we taught nearly 5,000 people of every age how to share the road safely. For 2013, we provide six of the Adult Learn to Ride classes; five more remain! The SF Bicycle Coalition is proud to be the leading resource for street safety information in the city, and we  offer many of these classes thanks to funding from the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.  Find out more about all of our classes at sfbike.org/education.

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