Advocate for Bikes and BART

A transit-friendly city is a bike-friendly city. And a truly connected city takes additional steps to ensure that transit systems are accessible by bike. If you share this vision, please help make it a reality: here’s your chance to join BART’s Bicycle Advisory Task Force and represent San Francisco.

Apply Today

With new BART trains beginning to roll out and voters recently investing $3.5 billion in our aging transit system, there are plenty of opportunities to shape the future of BART. As part of our new Strategic Plan, your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition remains committed to ensuring that our transit systems are accessible by bike, whether it’s getting to and from stations, or bringing your bike onboard.

Joining BART’s Bicycle Advisory Task Force gives you a unique opportunity to shape our region’s transit system that moves over 430,000 passengers a day. The task force meets every other month and is charged with “reviewing and working with BART to improve bicycle access to and on BART.” Members of the task force span across five counties, and currently, two of San Francisco’s three seats are vacant. BART recommends applicants to attend at least one task force meeting before applying. The next meeting is on Feb. 5 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

If you have questions about applying or what serving on a task force entails, contact

Become a member and you'll improve your commute and get discounts at shops across the city.