Postmates: Expanding Deliveries by Bike

SF Bicycle Coalition Business Members are champions for better bicycling in our city. One of our newest Business Members, Postmates, is pedaling forward a new e-bike program that will expand bicycle deliveries in our city and beyond.

As developing technology provides new opportunities for businesses to distribute their products, Postmates recognizes their responsibility to help cities build a thriving, inclusive and sustainable transportation model that works for everyone. As a part of that commitment, Postmates launched its first ever electric-assist bike program, enabling couriers from Seattle, Portland and San Francisco to complete deliveries faster on emission-free electric-powered bicycles, and allowing individuals to connect to their environment while lowering their carbon footprint. E-bikes open up biking to a new audience of San Franciscans, including people with disabilities.

We’re thrilled that Postmates supports a network of over 150,000+ bicycle couriers in over 250 U.S. cities who bring goods to our doorsteps while adopting one of the most environmentally friendly transportation modes.

The program is also helping to grow our collective movement of people who bike: Jeremy Kuester, an e-bike courier for Postmates, started riding an e-bike for environmental reasons. “I chose to opt into the e-bike program because of sustainability …. I knew that by not using my car to complete all deliveries, I would have a [better] impact on the environment.

“I am making an environmental impact with the e-bike that I’m proud of,” Jeremy said. “I really do enjoy the e-bike, especially for personal use. As long as I continue to work with Postmates, I’ll continue to be part of the Postmates e-bike program.”

As a Business Member, Postmates is helping to promote the policy and infrastructure changes that will transform San Francisco into a more livable and bikeable city. Want to know how your business can support our work? Learn about all the perks here.

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