Big Decision for BART’s New Cars

After decades of advocacy, we scored a major victory last year when the BART Board of Directors unanimously voted to permanently lift the ban on bikes on board. This decision followed successful pilots that increased bicycle access so that you can now bring your bike on BART at all hours of operation. But the advocacy doesn’t end there.

Over the last few months, BART has been refining the design of their Fleet of the Future, the new generation of train cars set to rollout in 2017. We are excited that their current designs include bicycle racks in each car that are innovative and space-saving. After setting up a display car at ten locations and hearing from the public, BART staff is recommending Alternative A, which would ensure a bike rack in every train car. We are also in support of Alternative A, as the designated space would allow you to safely secure your bike during your BART ride while keeping your bike out of the way of seats, aisles and doorways. To make sure that BART’s Fleet of the Future has the best bike access possible, we need you to come speak up this Thursday.

BART Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, June 12 at 9AM
BART Board Room, 344 20th Street, Oakland CA

This recommendation will go before the BART Board of Directors on Thursday morning where they will vote on the final design. If you cannot make the meeting, we encourage you to write a letter to the BART Board before Thursday to ensure that our transit has the best bicycle access for decades to come. Click here for an email template.

Subject: I Support Alternative A and Bike Racks on BART

Suggested talking points:

  • Describe yourself and how much you appreciate that BART allows bikes onboard.
  • Tell BART that bike racks onboard trains are a great idea for the new rail car design.
  • Bike racks provide a place to park bikes, so bikes won’t block seats, aisles and doorways.
  • Bike racks make it safer for everyone by securing bikes against the wall.
  • Ask the Board to vote at its meeting on June 12 to keep the bike racks in all cars of the new trains.
  • Include your city of residence with your signature.

For any questions or additional comments, please email Janice at

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