Bike Lanes and Art Come Together in the Bayview

A new bike lane barrier featuring murals from local artists (Source: SFMTA)

San Francisco’s newest protected bike lane is ready for you to ride. On April 3rd, the City wrapped up construction and artwork on the Bayview’s first quick-build: a protected bike lane along the edge of the bay, connecting Evans Avenue, Hunters Point Boulevard, and Innes Avenue. These new bike lanes are separated from drivers with concrete barriers that feature local artwork.

We are thrilled to see the bike network build out in the farther stretches of our city, especially in a neighborhood like the Bayview that has faced historic disinvestment and is geographically isolated due to highway infrastructure. Given the wide, industrial roads that criss-cross the neighborhood, driving is often seen as a safer option than biking, which is why your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition was an early supporter of the Bayview Community Based Transportation Plan. The SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) led this multi-year resident-driven effort led by to determine neighborhood traffic safety priorities wrapped up in 2019, and this quick-build project is a result of that effort.

This new bike connection is much more than just a protected bike lane. The City has installed crosswalks, median islands, and designated pedestrian space for a far more inviting experience for walking. Celebrating local Black artists, the SFMTA worked with the Box Shop to provide more flair to the design, with credit to Claudio Talavera-Ballon, Tanya Herrera, Rhonel Roberts, Ira Watkins, Afatasi The Artist, and Malik Seneferu.

Source: SFMTA

Our work doesn’t end here. We’re committed to building the bike movement in the Bayview, starting with our littlest ones. Join us at Bayside Saturdays for the remaining Saturdays in April for our free Freedom from Training Wheels classes, where we teach toddlers and young children the basics of balancing on a bicycle. We have bikes and helmets, and everyone is welcome to join. See you there!

Map of Bayside Saturday (Source: Livable City)

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