Bike Shop Challenge 2016: And the Winners Are…

All July long, bike shops around the city competed with each other, signing up new SF Bicycle Coalition members and renewing memberships for a chance to win our annual Bike Shop Challenge. Drum roll, please…

This year the winners of the Bike Shop Challenge are the magnificent folks at Pedal Revolution. Throughout the competition, they managed to recruit and renew the most memberships, clocking in at 33 — that’s more than a membership a day!

Second place was claimed by Mission Bicycle Company who earned the chance to offer members a special promotion in new and renewing membership packets, hitting mailboxes this October.

Want to congratulate and thank Pedal Revolution in person? You can always stop by their shop, or you can see them Saturday, Sep. 17 at Tour de Fat, New Belgium’s rollicking and eclectic celebration of beer and bikes. Also, keep an eye peeled for the next Tube Times, coming this fall, where we’re excited to include a profile on this year’s winners of the Bike Shop Challenge.

Big thanks to all the bike shops across San Francisco that participated in this year’s Challenge. Your support of our work helps transform San Francisco into the bikeable city it should be, one bike lane at a time.

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