Bikes + Transit Advisory for SF Giants Parade

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for winning their third World Series championship in five years! As the city gets ready for another all-out celebration, BART and Caltrain released advisories for people commuting tomorrow. The parade begins at 12PM, but there will be large volumes of people traveling into San Francisco for the event prior to the start time.

BART is advising passengers to not bring bikes into the stations or on the trains. We encourage you to plan in advance and budget extra time for your commute or else park your bike at the stations. You can view the bike parking capacity at each station here.

Caltrain is advising passengers of limited bike capacity tomorrow. We expect that bike cars will be converted for standing room only. You can view the bike parking information for Caltrain here.

Please share this information with fellow commuters. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition continues to work to ensure that beyond one-day celebrations, you can bring your bike on transit to get you to and from your destination. Get more updates by signing up for our campaigns below. Better yet, come to Winterfest on November 16 and meet our community organizer and other members who have been urging both BART and Caltrain for increased bike access on their trains!

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