Prop L Will Make Our Streets Less Safe for Seniors

Being able to get around the city safely matters for all of us. But for many seniors and persons with disabilities, being able to navigate our city streets safely and independently is critical to protecting their independence and their access to food, family, medicine, and quality of life.

Proposition L makes our streets more dangerous for seniors and disabled persons, by prioritizing fast moving car traffic over their safety, and making life more difficult for those who can’t afford a car or aren’t able to drive.

Proposition L Makes Our City Streets Less Safe: 50% of the people involved in fatal crashes in San Francisco are seniors, and Proposition L would make our streets even more dangerous for them, by directing the City to focus on fast-moving automobile traffic, instead of street safety. After two seniors were killed in less than a week last week, the City should be focusing on measures to improve pedestrian safety, so that seniors can walk to the store or feel safe taking their grandkids to school. Instead, Proposition L would stop efforts to improve safety and disregards the needs of those who can’t drive.

Proposition L Makes Muni Even Worse: Proposition L would not only make our streets scarier, it takes money away from Muni to build neighborhood parking garages, making life worse for those who rely on Muni and don’t have the option to walk or bike when it’s unreliable. People from all walks of life ride Muni, and depend on it, but in San Francisco our seniors disproportionately rely on efficient Muni service to get around. But Proposition L takes money away from Muni to build neighborhood parking garages. Starving Muni makes it less reliable, and those who depend on it can’t afford for Muni to get worse.

Like all San Franciscans, seniors and people with disabilities walk, drive, take transit, use taxis, and bike. They deserve safe streets and a transportation system that honors their needs, instead of telling them they only answer is to get in a car. That’s why senior and disability groups like Senior Action Disability and the FDR Democratic Club oppose Proposition L.

Want to help keep our streets safe and accessible for seniors and all San Franciscans?  Here’s how you can help make sure that Proposition L loses.

  1. Vote No on Prop L on November 4
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  3. Volunteer to help the No on L campaign!
  4. Become an SF Bicycle Coalition member and help ensure our city keeps rolling forward

This article is part of an ongoing series on why Proposition L is bad for everyone — whether you ride a bike, walk, take transit or drive to get around. Read more in the series of Why Prop L is Bad for All of Us. 

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