Board Recommendations for the 2019 Board Election

The Board of Directors is excited to announce its recommendations for the 2019 Board elections. Deciding which candidates to recommend is always a challenging process given the number of highly qualified and dedicated members who have expressed interest in running for a limited number of seats. This year was no exception. There are an incredible number of exceptionally qualified candidates.

To make these hard calls, the board development committee has historically focused almost solely on evaluating candidates’ skill sets, how they fit the Board’s and organization’s needs. This year, guided by the priorities of our new strategic plan the Board has taken a slightly different approach, one that considers more consciously the critical importance of cultivating a board that reflects the makeup of our City. This ties directly to our strategic plan goal of transportation justice: building an organization whose members, board, and staff reflect San Francisco’s demographics.

This group of recommended candidates reflects our commitment to building an organization that represents all of San Francisco, deepens our relationships with underrepresented communities and neighborhoods, and elevates voices that are less often heard in bicycle communities:

  • Nic Jay Aulston
  • Sarah Bindman
  • Meaghan Mitchell
  • Tyler Morris
  • Pamela Ocampo
  • Kelli Shields
  • Alexandra Sweet
  • Juli Uota

Please also consider candidate questionnaire responses, where you can learn more about candidates’ skills and experience, membership tenure, involvement with the SF Bicycle Coalition, and why they want to serve on the board. Come to the member meeting/candidate forum on Jan. 23 to meet the candidates in person and ask them questions directly. If you miss the meeting, you can still hear candidates’ speeches by listening to the meeting tape.

Board recommendations are not intended to diminish the qualifications of other candidates, and we look forward to serving with whomever gets elected.

Voting for the board begins today, Jan. 23, through Feb. 5, 2019. Voting tip: Make a list of all candidates and rank them first before completing your online ballot to make voting easier. Please be sure to vote!

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