Calls for Safer SoMa Streets Loud and Clear

This morning, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition staff and volunteers set up an outreach station to raise awareness about the need for safer SoMa streets. The station was set up at the intersection of Folsom & 6th streets, where 24-year-old Amelie Le Moullac was hit and killed while biking on August 14.

Amelie’s coworkers and friends attended, adding their voices to the calls for safer SoMa streets. In just two hours, more than 200 people signed the letter to the Mayor asking for crucial safety improvements to make SoMa streets safer for people biking and walking.

In addition to the 200 letters today, hundreds more took flyers for online action, and more than 150 people wrote to Mayor Lee yesterday asking for these improvements.  The calls for safer streets in SoMa are loud and clear.

Hundreds of people have written letters to Mayor Lee, urging safety improvements to SoMa streets.

Folsom Street is one of the busiest bike corridors in the city, with thousands of people biking on it every morning. The City has discussed plans for a redesign of Folsom Street, with separated bikeways and two-way traffic, since 1998. Yet on this busy bike route –the City’s recommended bike route to downtown—bike riders pedal next to high speed traffic with no physical separation. It’s time to change that.

This year alone, three people have been hit and killed while biking on San Francisco streets. Each of these fatal crashes involved a large truck and occurred in or around SoMa. SoMa streets, with high-speed, one-way arterials, are proving to be deadly. And it’s time for the City to take action to make the SoMa streets safer.


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