Can You Bike More Than Us in May?

The Bay Area Bike Challenge is a fun team-based bike competition that begins May 1 and runs through the entirety of National Bike Month. That’s May, silly.

The goal of the challenge is to get more people riding, so now is the time to grab your friends, coworkers or family and create a team.

Each team is made up of up to eight riders. Each team competes among a pool of nine other teams. Since there are only ten teams in a pool (instead of one massive leaderboard), each team has a good chance of getting into first, second or third place. (Unless you’re in our pool that is. 😉

You’ll earn points not only for how many miles you ride, but also for encouraging others to ride. This means that the competition isn’t skewed in favor of the most hardcore cyclists. See below for a breakdown of how points are earned:

You can record your rides manually on the website or via your favorite cycling app including Strava, Ride Report, Map My Ride, etc. Your team points are a sum of all individual team members’ points.

The competition runs from May 1 – May 31, but at the end of the third week, the top teams from each pool will be put into a “Final Sprint” pool to compete among the best teams in the Bay Area.

Hundreds of teams and thousands of riders will compete throughout the Bay Area, but whose team will win?

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