Introducing Communications Designer Veronica Newell

We are excited to welcome the newest addition to the team Communications Designer Veronica Newell. Veronica is an avid advocate for accessible and environmentally friendly transportation and a strong proponent of social justice. She strives to utilize her passion for design to help make SF a safe and accessible place for all.

SF Bicycle Coalition: What are you most excited about in your new role?

Veronica: Creating fun, accessible designs that challenge transportation injustices.

What interested you in working for the SF Bicycle Coalition?

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s emphasis on community-oriented programs and advocacy really interested me. We go above and beyond to understand and maintain strong relationships with the community and expand our base in neighborhoods across San Francisco.

What sparked your interest in communications and design?

Visibly seeing how designs can be a vehicle for social change initially sparked my interest. I think it’s important to have empathy for the communities you’re designing for, and to make information more accessible and inclusive for all.

What inspired you to work with grassroots organizations and promote social change?

Many organizations are out of touch with the communities they serve and often make life-altering decisions without consulting their communities. Doing on-the-ground work that allows you to engage with a community and having a dialog that creates impactful and sustainable change.

How would you like to incorporate your passion for design to promote bicycle advocacy?

I hope to show that the SF Bicycle Coalition not only has empathy for the communities we’re serving, but also have the determination and willingness to advocate alongside San Franciscans of all backgrounds.

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