Commute by Bike: SFMTA Bringing Bike Education to SF Businesses

Have you noticed more people riding a bike on your commute? Is the buzz in your office about biking to work louder than ever? Is bike parking in your building packed to the gills? The new Commute by Bike program helps San Francisco companies get rolling.

This spring, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is providing free commuter bike education to San Francisco businesses. Commute by Bike courses cover the basics of riding to work: choosing the right bike, bike clothing and bike accessories for making your commute easy. We’ll also cover rules of the road and safety tips. And, of course, we’ll tailor the class to fit the specific needs of your office!

More people are commuting by bicycle to work than ever before, and study after study reveals the benefits of riding a bike on employee health and productivity, as well as on neighborhood retail sales and local economies. In line with these studies, we’re seeing more and more companies buy into biking as an important part of their business.

We’ve already taught over 40 classes at San Francisco businesses, and have reached a wide range of companies, including tech giants, non-profits, neighborhood small businesses, and major corporations. So far we’ve instructed over 250 San Francisco employees, and we have plans to reach hundreds more by the end of Summer. This program, paired with our other bike education and professional driver training, means we’re reaching more people on our streets than ever while making our streets safer – one person at a time.

Want to schedule a Commute by Bike Class at your business? Contact our Business Program Manager, Paolo Cosulich-Schwartz, at

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