Concrete Changes on 17th Street

Thanks to our members and their hard work, your ride on 17th Street is about to get even better. While we saw the installation of the protected bike lane earlier this year, concrete will soon be replacing the plastic soft-hit posts between Church and Sanchez to ensure the new bike lane here is safe and fully protected.

Safe street advocates rallied to see improvements to this block of 17th Street between Church and Sanchez where historic rails have made for a bumpy and hard to navigate ride. With the help of video footage, we were able to sway City officials to bring real change to a street that many had previously avoided. After approvals last year, the near-term protected bike lane was installed in January to bring immediate change before concrete was ready to be poured.

During construction of the concrete medians, bicyclists should expect to share traffic lanes with cars. If you have questions or concerns, we recommend you contact City staff at the SFMTA. You can contact project manager Mike Sallaberry at Any construction hazards should be reported using SF311.

A big thanks to our members and their endless efforts to dream big and see the streets of San Francisco transformed. Help us continue the fight for protected bike lanes across the city by joining or renewing your membership today.

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