Dangerous Tracks on Illinois and 18th Streets Repaired!

Are you one of the many of people who pedal down Illinois Street every day? Well, we’ve got good news for you: The unsafe tracks at Illinois and 18th Street have been repaired!

The current construction along Illinois Street has forced people on bike to have to cross a tangle of tracks at this busy intersection. Many SF Bicycle Coalition members have written to ask us to help get a safety fix. We’re happy to say that after conversations with the SFMTA, the City prioritized fixing this spot by filling in the space around the tracks with cold press. Huge thanks to Azhar Khaliq at the SFMTA for moving this crucial construction fix along!

Keeping construction sites and intersections safe for you is one of our daily advocacy duties. If this work has improved your commute, please consider joining the SF Bicycle Coalition  and helping support this advocacy. If you see more bike routes that need improvement, please report them here. As your advocates, we’ll continue to do our best to keep our city streets safe and accessible for you.


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