Electric Assist Family Bikes are the New Minivan

More and more San Francisco families are discovering the joy and fun of biking with their kids. Every day, we see parents pedaling the bike lanes with little ones in tow, in baby seats and in personalized cargo bikes. SF resident Molly Tirpak Sterkel is one of the local parents who has fallen in love with family biking. In January she bought a cargo bike with an electric assist after trying a few bikes out with the SF Bicycle Coalition. After just a few months of riding, she can’t imagine living in the city without it. Here’s what she has to say about riding with her twin daughters, Ursula and Matilda (pictured above).

“It has made such a big difference to me that I can bike to school with my twin two-year-olds before biking to work at Civic Center.  I sometimes think I should attach box of flyers to the back of the bike because I get stopped by people on the street all the time. People chase me on their bikes just to ask me about this amazing ride.”

Like many parents, Molly is using an electric-assist bike to pedal her kids around town. Here at the SF Bicycle Coalition, we’re really excited about the new e-bike technology. For many parents and individuals, San Francisco hills can be a real deterrent to riding. The new e-bikes give people the extra boost they need to get over the hills and to get their families on a bike. Molly loves her e-assist ride:

My e-bike t is super fun and has given me a chance to exercise. I feel great every time I’m riding it and every time I’m talk about it. I feel like even more people could and would bike if they knew about family bike and e-bike options.  I refer people to your family bike info all the time, too.

Want to get rolling like Molly and her family? Test out an electric-assist family bike with us at any Sunday Streets. And see our family biking gear guide in the free Family Biking Guide. 
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