Dero Bicycle Parking Solutions

Secure bicycle parking is a challenge in San Francisco, and our preferred bicycle parking vendors can provide solutions that meet the needs of your employees and building. We recently caught up with Dero to find out more about the bike parking solutions available to residences and businesses.

As biking continues to grow in popularity and necessity, organizations are prioritizing bike parking in their new buildings, businesses and campuses. You’ll find Dero’s bike racks in new or newly renovated bike rooms throughout the city, including at Mercy Housing, SF MOMA, and college campuses at SF State and UCSF.

We dug into the details on a few larger installations in San Francisco below:

Panoramic Residences

  • Location: Mission and Ninth streets
  • Parking Capacity: 165 Bikes Parked
  • Description: At Panoramic, Residential building developer Panoramic Interests dreamed of creating the most bike-friendly bike room in the city. Their bike amenities had to show that they understood the lifestyle and needs of potential tenants, students at California College of the Arts, who are more likely to own a bike than a car. This bike room fit the bill. Tenants are even greeted with a beautiful, stainless steel bike repair station in the lobby,prominently visible to all who enter the building.  

Twitter Bike Room

  • Location: Market and 10th streets, SF
  • Parking Capacity: 103 Bikes Parked
  • Description: After receiving negative feedback from employees of Twitter about their existing bike room, the new property manager took action. They worked with Dero and came up with a plan. Phase 1: Add nine wall-mounted Bike Files and eight floor-mounted Ultra Space Savers vertical bike racks, plus public bike repair equipment. This provided 89 new bike parking spots. Phase 2: Replace the previous two-tiered racks that users complained about with the Dero Duplex. Today Twitter has happier employees, and sturdier bicycle parking.

UCSF Parnassus 

  • Location: Irving Street and Second Avenue
  • Parking Capacity: Previously 98, Now 208
  • Description: UCSF Parnassus Campus had a major problem: Too many bikes, not enough bike parking. On paper their bike cage provided 98 bike parking spots, but when the racks were packed, there were no aisles to pass through, just a sea of wheels, pedals, and handlebars. Dero removed the outdated wave racks and outfitted the room entirely with Ultra Space Savers vertical racks. Since the bike room was partially exposed to the salty, sea breeze, UCSF opted for a galvanized finish to protect against rust. The capacity of their bike room more than doubled, allowing UCSF to reconsider the need for an additional bike room once they realized the benefits of optimizing their existing area.

Looking to improve bicycle parking at your workplace? Dero provides local site visits, bike room layouts, knowledge of the most current bike parking code, and installation services. From helping to navigate local ordinances so you can meet the City’s Class One requirements for new construction, to maximizing existing space to making bicyclists happy – Dero is here to help.

Interested in a free quote or consultation? Email Anna at for more information and a connection to a local Dero representative.

Huge thanks to Dero for their support of bicycle advocacy both locally and nationally!

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