Don’t Let Trump Derail Caltrain Electrification

The current federal administration has made it clear: Federal funding for transportation will be politicized, and it’s starting with Caltrain.

Last month, Caltrain received unexpected news from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) that $647 million in funding for the system’s electrification project was deferred until after the federal budgeting process was complete. That budgeting process will span the coming months and is expected to be highly-politicized.

Your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition stands with Caltrain and expressed our outrage that years of planning are suddenly gutted by rash and sudden decisions at the FTA. Sign this petition and add your name with the thousands who urge the FTA to reverse course and approve the $647 million immediately.

Save Caltrain Electrification

Caltrain’s electrification is sorely needed. With trains already overcrowded today, the boost in capacity and reliability will ensure that thousands of Bay Area residents are able to choose sustainable methods of getting to and from work, home and beyond. The electrification project forecasts a 21-percent increase in daily ridership, and switching from diesel to electric trains means an annual reduction of 176,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases.

We know a transit-friendly city means a bike-friendly city; the prospect of encouraging more people to commute by driving Highway 101 up and down the Peninsula will make San Francisco worse for biking, walking and breathing.

From the February 2017 Caltrain Modernization Program factsheet (source)

We thank our congressional representatives, including Senators Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein, along with Representative Nancy Pelosi for expressing their strong support for the immediate release of these funds.

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