Empowering Green Teens: Bike It Forward Supports Sustainable Transportation

Hey there, eco-conscious bike enthusiasts! We’ve got an incredible story to share with you. Last week, Bike It Forward teamed up with Friends of the Urban Forest for a game-changing event. We provided bicycles to the Green Teens program, giving them a greener, more sustainable way to navigate the city. Let’s dive into the highlights and find out how you can be part of this movement.

From the moment those bikes hit the pavement, magic happened. We met at India Basin Waterfront Park to help the Green Teens improve their bike-riding skills. Many hadn’t ridden a bike since childhood, so we made sure they felt comfortable and had the knowledge to stay safe on the road. After equipping them with helmets and discussing how to navigate the city, we set off on an adventure. 

Imagine a group of dedicated green teens, working tirelessly to make our urban environment greener. They face a common challenge — getting around the city efficiently and sustainably. That’s when Bike It Forward stepped in with a simple solution: bicycles. We wanted to give these passionate teens the means to travel sustainably and continue their hard work.

Together, we rode to Heron’s Head Park, embracing the joy of being on two wheels. Seeing their faces light up with freedom and connection to nature was fantastic. Once we reached the end of the Heron’s Head peninsula, some of the youth began exploring, searching for crabs under rocks, while others soaked in the view and observed birds challenging each other for fish. This experience of being outdoors and connected to nature is one of the great benefits of biking. It fosters an important developmental connection that inspires youth to care for their environment.

Join us in celebrating the power of biking and its positive impact on our environment and support Bike It Forward’s mission through donations. Right now, Bike It Forward has a special donor matching campaign, doubling the impact of your support. By donating to Bike It Forward, you’re empowering green teens and other partners to promote sustainable, active transportation.  Together, let’s ensure that more people have the means to ride towards a greener future.

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