Excelsior Neighbors Weigh In on Safe Streets

This past Saturday, nearby residents and community stakeholders showed up in numbers to weigh in on how to make Excelsior neighborhood streets safer for people walking and biking.

I Want a Say

After the Excelsior Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project kicked off last year, SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) staff engaged a variety of neighborhood groups and stakeholders through interviews and presentations. Informed by the information they gathered, SFMTA introduced the project to the general public through Saturday’s open house, which was held in the Cleveland Elementary School cafeteria.

Aided by visuals, plenty of City staff were present to talk to nearby residents, field questions and get a sense of local needs. Given that the goal of the the project is to create safer and more comfortable neighborhood streets for people walking and biking, connections to schools, parks, transit and nearby commercial corridors are also a priority.

To help determine which streets would be prioritized for improvements, several maps of the neighborhood were displayed on tables for people to mark up with notes, comments and suggestions. For bicycle improvements, attendants pointed out Amazon, London, Cayuga and Persia as good options.

Source: SFMTA (click to enlarge)

There are also exciting opportunities to get some of the safety improvements in the ground ahead of schedule. Several quick, near-term fixes were presented at the open house along with the longer term project. Thanks to additional funding from Supervisor Ahsha Safaí’s office, traffic calming improvements such as speed humps and stop signs will be accelerated as a part of the process.

This Saturday was just the first chance to weigh in on this project. There will be plenty more opportunities ahead before the project wraps up at the end of the year. As always, our members power our advocacy, so join our campaign for safe Excelsior streets below.

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