Final Approval for the Wiggle Soon; Your Help Is Needed

Who wants better biking on The Wiggle? We do!

After a months-long wait to do additional analysis, the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and the SF Public Utilities Commission are moving forward with their slate of improvements for The Wiggle. Now we need your letters of support and your voice at the SFMTA Board meeting on Nov. 17 to pass this project.

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This project would bring one of the first traffic diverters to San Francisco, creating a real engineering solution to prioritizing biking and walking in the neighborhood — a goal of the project from the outset. If you’re biking, this makes the left turn onto Fell Street much safer. As a pedestrian, the improvements increase your visibility to those left-turning bicycles.

From the SFMTA, here is the proposed design for the traffic diverter at Scott and Fell Streets.

From the SFMTA, here is the proposed design for the traffic diverter at Scott and Fell Streets.

That’s not all, though! The SFMTA is proposing a few additional improvements to make our streets in the Lower Haight feel more welcoming to everyone, including:

  • Green paint for the Scott Street bike lane;
  • A raised crosswalk on Steiner Street to slow speeds and help people cross the street to Duboce Park; and
  • Corner bulbouts to decrease crossing distances and calm traffic.

This project went to public hearing back in April and was slated for SFMTA Board approvals in May of this year. However, there was a concern raised by a few neighbors regarding turn restrictions on Divisadero Street. Led by Miriam Sorell at the SFMTA, City planners worked to respond to the concern and have done so successfully, without a delay to the construction timeline. Get all the details at the SFMTA’s website for The Wiggle.

Now that we have even broader neighborhood support, let’s pass this project so that work can begin as soon as possible next year. Take a moment to support this project today by writing a letter. For a template, click the link above. You can also directly email

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