Getting Uber and Lyft to Pay Their Fair Share

What do our San Francisco state legislators and Supervisor Aaron Peskin have in common with Uber and Lyft?

They’re all supporting a state bill that’s now waiting to be signed by Governor Jerry Brown to make sure transportation network companies (TNCs), such as Uber and Lyft, are paying their fair share back into our city’s transportation systems. Now, we need your help to make sure Gov. Brown hears from local San Francisco residents about why we need this bill signed.

Tell Gov. Brown to Sign AB 1184

For the past several months, Supervisor Aaron Peskin pressed for a TNC tax in order to hold Uber and Lyft accountable to the impact their vehicles have on congestion, roads and safety. Once Uber and Lyft recognized that the public overwhelmingly supported such a tax, they opted to come to the table. As a result, Assembly Bill 1184 was introduced by Assemblymember Phil Ting and sponsored by Assemblymember David Chiu and Senator Scott Wiener. Once signed by Gov. Brown, this bill will allow San Francisco to seek a local, voter-approved measure to tax every rideshare trip that originates within the city. These revenues would be dedicated to a wide range of local transportation needs, from bicycle infrastructure to increased transit service.

Our three state legislators worked together alongside Uber and Lyft to develop and pass this bill through the legislature. Now, it’s time for Gov. Brown to sign AB 1184. Given this is a local, San Francisco-only bill, it’s important that he hears from us. Use this online system to contact the Governor and make sure to include “AB 1184” in the subject of your message.

Here are some suggested talking points for your email:

  • San Francisco is a changing city and we need all the tools in the toolbox to manage our congestion and ensure everyone is supporting a healthy, sustainable transportation system.
  • As someone who bikes, I see the impact that Uber and Lyft have on San Francisco streets.
  • Please support this bill so that San Francisco has clear authority to move forward, and that we can begin working locally on a TNC tax measure to be approved by voters here.

We want to thank all of our elected leaders who made this possible, and to Uber and Lyft for coming to the table. Now, it’s time for Gov. Brown to sign the bill and give San Francisco the tools to manage our emerging transportation needs.

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