Tell Gov. Brown to Ban Biking, Walking Toll on Golden Gate Bridge

We’re working with Assemblymember Phil Ting and our partners at the California Bicycle Coalition to ban tolls at the state level for people biking and walking on Bay Area bridges. Now, Gov. Jerry Brown needs to hear from you.

After the Golden Gate Bridge District proposed a toll last year on people biking and walking our city’s most iconic landmark, our members spoke out passionately in opposition. Thousands of you signed our petition to keep the Golden Gate Bridge free for people biking and walking, but the Golden Gate Bridge District decided to pursue the idea anyway.

That’s when Assemblymember Ting, representative for the western half of San Francisco that includes the Golden Gate Bridge, decided to take the opposition to the state level. He headed to Sacramento with Assembly Bill 40, a proposal to ban tolls for people biking and walking all Bay Area toll bridges under state law, including the Golden Gate Bridge.

“Sidewalk tolls would unravel decades of work to promote active lifestyles, create public recreation opportunities, and encourage environmentally sustainable transportation methods,” Assemblymember Ting said after the bill passed through the Assembly by a vote of 57-12 last month. “Our bridges connect the network of parks, paths, and trails we’ve built around the Bay Area. By passing this bill, we sent a powerful message that this legacy must be protected for all to enjoy.”

Now through the Senate as well, AB 40 awaits the attention of Gov. Brown. We sent Gov. Brown a letter of support for AB 40, but we need our members to boost the volume of our voice one more time. Sign the petition today: No tolls for people walking and biking Bay Area bridges.

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