Celebrating Our 10-Plus-Year Members

For over 40 years, thousands of San Franciscans have directly contributed to better biking conditions in our city by signing-on as members of the SF Bicycle Coalition. This past week, we held a celebration for a very special group of over 2,000: our members with over a decade of support.

As members for over a decade, these folks have brought transformative changes to our streets. From protected bike lanes on Fell, Oak and Polk Streets and auto-restrictions on Market Street, to data-driven police enforcement and free bicycle education classes all over town — the long-term support of our members has brought about victories large and small, and continues to power our work for safer streets.

Huge thanks to the over 80 SF Bicycle Coalition members, staff and board members who gathered to toast our 2,000+ members with 10+ years of support. And special thanks to Dolan Law for the donating the wonderful event space and custom-made bags to our members, as well as New Belgium Beer for the delicious brews.

While we celebrated our past victories, we looked toward the future and the improvements needed to help the city reach their goal of 20% of all trips being by bike by 2020, including our push to make San Francisco the first major U.S. metropolis to embrace the Bike Yield Law.

When asked what single change would do the most to increase the number of people riding, members overwhelmingly expressed the need for more protected bike lanes and calmer streets. And when asked what the most important member benefit we can offer is, members said continued advocacy in San Francisco and representation for our members as bicyclists in the city.

Each and every SF Bicycle Coalition member adds volume to our voice as we advocate for the changes we all want and deserve. Hats off to the thousands who helped to get our work started 10, 15, 20 or more years ago, for their incredible contributions to our city, and for the wonderful community of members they helped to build.

Become a member and you'll improve your commute and get discounts at shops across the city.