Help Cycles of Change Get Back to Work

When a nonprofit that does so much for the community is the victim of bike theft, we feel strongly that those who can should help them get back on their feet, or bikes, as the case may be.

On Jan. 7, Cycles of Change lost a truckload of 52 bikes and over 350 bike helmets to theft from their 23rd Avenue shop in East Oakland. Cycles of Change is a terrific nonprofit working towards “healthier East Bay communities by helping youth and adults gain tools for more environmentally and economically sustainable living.” Founded in 1998, Cycles of Change coordinates multiple school bike clubs, runs a do-it-yourself bike-repair shop, hosts numerous bike rodeos throughout the year, operates a valet bicycle parking program and even provides watershed stewardship education. The bikes stolen from them were used to reach 8,000 middle school and high school students annually as part of Alameda County’s Safe Routes to School partnership.

After the theft, Cycles of Change sprang into action, calling for donations to restore their fleet and keep their valuable education work rolling. Cycles of Change announced a goal of collecting 100 bikes in 100 days.

On Jan. 22, we teamed up with the SF Yellow Bike Project to deliver 26 refurbished bikes to Cycles for Change. As of their latest update, Cycles of Change is back up to 66 bikes in their fleet.

If you have a reasonably repairable bicycle that you would like to donate in Oakland, contact Cycles of Change: For bike donations to our Bike It Forwards program, contact me:

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