How is Market Street working for you?

Big changes on Market Street rolled out last month when our city’s downtown corridor became car-free. Additional paints and posts were installed to improve bike connections at several locations and a few connecting streets were closed to vehicles to open up access for pedestrians.

And now, we want to hear how these improvements are working for you.

Take Our Market Street Survey

If you regularly bike on Market Street, you may have seen your SF Bicycle Coalition staff out there with our volunteers during commute times talking to  people biking and getting feedback on how the changes are working.

While we continue to push for the long-term project to break ground by the end of this year, we want to make sure the near-term improvements implemented are improving your bike experience here. Do the paint and posts make sense? Do the connections feel safe? And are you finding yourself biking, walking or taking transit more?

We relied on members to help us develop the survey, and now, it’s time for you to share your input. Take our survey today, and learn more about our campaign at

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