Improve the Bike Culture at Your Workplace

If you’ve ever wished that your workplace was more bike-friendly, stop by the SF Bicycle Coalition office on Tuesday morning, April 17 for a Breakfast of Bicycle Champions workshop and learn how YOU can step up, take the lead, and create a workplace culture that encourages bike-commuting.

This workshop is open to anyone and everyone who wants to promote biking at their workplace — there’s no need to work in any specific role or department at your workplace.


The Breakfast of the Bicycle Champions workshop will cover bike parking, including who to ask at your company to install or add more bike parking, how to connect biking with your Caltrain or BART ride, how to encourage your employer to offer Bicycle Commuter Checks (i.e. extra money in your pocket for simply riding your bike to work,) ways to incentivize your coworkers to bike and much more.

This workshop will be a jam-packed hour! You’ll leave knowing the next steps to improve your own commute and get your colleagues riding. Save your spot and RSVP below.

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