Improving Our Urban Trails Around Twin Peaks

We are lucky to live in a city with serious trail riding, and it’s about to get better with the Twin Peaks Figure 8 Redesign.

Speak Up for Urban Trails on June 25

Few other locations in San Francisco have as rewarding of a view as the climb to the top of Twin Peaks. The “Figure 8” atop Twin Peaks provides circulation for the many visitors to this beautiful destination, whether they arrive by foot, bike, car or bus.

Efforts are progressing to improve safety on the Figure 8, and to open up better and safer access for biking and walking. Thanks to the coordination of multiple City agencies, there will be an open house on June 25 to present their ideas and get your thoughts.

The green outline shows the "Figure 8" at the top of Twin Peaks.

The green outline shows the “Figure 8” at the top of Twin Peaks.

The Figure 8 Redesign Study looked at options to street and trail improvements to create clear connections to intersecting trails. At the open house on June 25, project leaders will share the following proposals to meet goals for increased safety and an improved trail experience:

  • Clearly designate a section of the roadway that is currently being used by cars for people walking and biking;
  • Align trail routes to safe and visible pedestrian crossings; and
  • Connect local trails to the Bay Area Ridge Trail across Twin Peaks Boulevard.

We’re excited that these ideas are moving forward, which will go a long way in preserving the natural beauty of the Bay Ridge Trail, a continuous 550-mile trail along the ridgelines overlooking San Francisco Bay that is more than halfway complete.

The City is looking for more input from the community to ensure the final design provides a quality trail experience for all users. After this meeting, we expect this project to move quickly towards implementation so this is the best time to get involved. If you can’t make it, there will be an online survey available afterwards, and we’ll be sure to post updates.

Want to support our work around improving our urban trail network?  Make sure to save the date on September 19 for Tour de Fat, which benefits the work of the SF Bicycle Coalition and the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council!

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