Is Market Street Working for You?

Ready for a car-free Market Street? It’s happening on January 29, and we can’t wait!  Bicycle improvements are already going in the ground and we want to make sure these near-term changes are working for you. Join our street outreach efforts to make sure the improvements we won with the approval of the Better Market Street Project last October improve bike rides for everyone.

Volunteer With Our Outreach Team 

If you bike on Market Street you may have already seen changes happening. Street crews replaced a right turn lane for cars with fresh green bike-lane paint, sign crews are hanging up the new “No Turn on Market” signs at various intersections, and in the next couple months all of the near-term improvements for Market Street will be in the ground!

As construction crews come through, your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition will be out there on the street talking to people who bike to see how these changes are affecting people’s rides. Are the car restrictions working? Do the new bike improvements make it easier to connect onto Market from surrounding streets? Has your commute on Market Street improved? 

Volunteering with the Outreach Team is your chance to talk to your fellow bike-riding community, ask about their thoughts and give us feedback of your own. Sign up to volunteer and let’s make sure these improvements put people first on Market Street!

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