It’s Time to Win Page Street

Page Street

Your SF Bicycle Coalition, our members, and neighbors have worked tirelessly alongside City staff for years to create a safe and comfortable Page Street for people biking and walking. On November 19, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board is set to approve this project. Can we count on you to turn out for the win?

I’m There!

Earlier this year, Supervisor Vallie Brown pushed for an aggressive pilot on Page Street after years of delays. City staff revealed the proposals at a well-attended open house in August, which included traffic diversions, a protected downhill bikeway, an uphill bike lane and turn restrictions. Since then, the SFMTA held additional community outreach events with merchants and neighbors along Haight and Page streets to address concerns and refine the proposal. Now, they’re ready to bring it before the SFMTA Board of Directors for final approval, and we need you there.

We’ve collected data, interviewed stakeholders, and hosted numerous open houses over the years. Let’s finally put to rest the planning process and get solid improvements in the ground to address the chronic and dangerous vehicle congestion.

Let’s keep putting walking and biking first on Page Street. Join us and win the project on November 19.

If you can’t make it to City Hall on November 19, write a letter of support to the SFMTA to make your voice heard.

SFMTA Board of Directors
Tuesday, Nov. 19, 1:00 PM
City Hall, Room 400

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