Meet Darya, our September Membership Giveaway Winner

In September, we offered the chance to win a sweepstakes package worth $700 to anyone who joined as a member, renewed their membership, and/or became a monthly giver. Out of the hundreds who joined our movement during the month of September, Darya Soofi (who uses she/her pronouns) was our winner! Darya is a Conservation Manager for the San Francisco Unified School District Sustainability Office, and has been a member since 2016. We checked in with her to see how the $700 sweepstakes prizes were treating her, and to find out more about why she continues to renew her membership annually.

What made you want to join SF Bicycle Coalition as a member?

I wanted to join the SF Bike Coalition because I believe the work you do is important in creating a safe and equitable biking community. In other places I’ve lived, there were no such things as a protected bike lanes or sharrows. I had always thought biking was something fun you did in the parks, and never considered it to be a form of commuting. It wasn’t until I moved to San Francisco that I started to see and experience this biking culture that is both lovely and unique.

We advocate for the bicycle as a form of everyday transportation, and to make that happen, all of our work is based in one or more of our core values (transportation justice, people power, joy and sustainability.) Which of those core values resonates with you the most and why?

Transportation Justice! Not all people learn to ride a bike, nor have access to getting a bike. I like that this organization gets out into the communities and offers these resources at no cost.

What does a bike-friendly San Francisco look like, and mean to you?

It means that everyone, no matter what age or background, feels safe and eager to ride their bike around the city.

Lastly, how’s the membership package you won been treating you so far? 

AMAZING. I couldn’t believe how many items were in the package. I have already taken some friends out with the gift cards to the local eateries, and am super excited to get my bike fitted. Thank you!

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