Join the campaign for a protected bike lane on Oak Street

Intersection of Oak and Clayton, looking at cars parked along the Panhandle.

We have great news for people who bike eastbound through the Panhandle: the SFMTA has begun a quick-build project to create a side-running parking-protected bike lane on Oak Street!

This project will be transformative for the westside of San Francisco – prioritizing bicycle access on a major corridor and alleviating congestion coming from popular destinations like JFK Promenade. It will also improve pedestrian safety and create a more pleasant experience for walking in the area.

In July 2020, during the pandemic, we got the Fell Street westbound protected bike lane between Baker and Shrader Streets. This was done in response to congestion on the Panhandle path and the need for more social distancing space. Since completed, the project has reduced vehicle speeds on Fell and reduced congestion and conflict in the Panhandle for people biking and walking. The SFMTA wants to replicate this success on the other side of the park. 

SFMTA staff are currently in the conceptualizing phase of the quick-build. We are expecting outreach to begin in the new year. Your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition will be hosting events and soliciting feedback on the design throughout the process. We want to hear your ideas!

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