Let’s Keep Better Market Street on Track

A better Market Street is quickly approaching reality. We’ve made a lot of progress so far on the designs for protected bike lanes on Market, but there’s more we can do, and we need your support to make sure Better Market Street is approved this year.

The Best Market Street

The Better Market Street project, which will re-design Market Street with fully protected bike lanes from the Embarcadero to Octavia, has been in the works for years. Now that we’re coming up on approvals for the project, we need to be holding the City accountable to their timeline and pushing for the best possible designs.

At two upcoming City open houses, City agencies will be soliciting some of the final feedback on the designs for the project. This will be one of our last public opportunities to voice our opinions about this project and we need to turn up to make sure we break ground as soon as possible. If the City hears from us loud and clear that protected bike lanes on Market need to happen, now, we could see real progress before the end of this year.

For our vision for Market to become a reality, we need to to keep pushing. Join one of the upcoming open houses to tell City staff that their designs for Market need to set the bar for safety as high as possible and need to be approved as soon as possible. We’ll be providing Valet Bicycle Parking.

Better Market Street Open House #1
Saturday June 1, 10:00AM- 12:00PM
ACT Costume Shop, 1117 Market St.

Better Market Street Open House #2
Wednesday June 5, 4:00 – 7:00PM
ACT Costume Shop, 1117 Market St.

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