Light Up The Night is Back!

Let’s Light Up the Night!

As the days get shorter and nights get longer, it is important that we stay safe and visible. 

Our annual Light Up The Night season is back and we are excited to announce that we are partnering with Bay Area Bicycle Law, along with our volunteers, to help install hundreds of front and rear lights for people who ride at night. Help keep yourself safe and visible – stop by and get a bike light throughout the season!

These events are also made possible by the support of our dedicated and amazing members and volunteers. We’ll be showing up all over the city to brighten up the winter season by installing lights on bikes – and this year, we welcome you to join us! Anyone can sign up here to help install lights in a neighborhood near you, and help light the way for your neighbors. 

Lights help to keep folks safe and they’re mandated by California law (CVC 21201 mandates a white front light and rear red reflector or reflective red light).

Want to know when we’re distributing lights near you? Stay updated on upcoming Light Up the Night distributions as the season goes on through our biweekly newsletter!


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