Local Election a ‘Sweep’ for Safe Streets and Great Transit

In a major win for Transit-First, San Francisco voters sent a message loud and clear on Election Day that they want safe streets and a great public transit system.

In approving Propositions A and B and soundly defeating Proposition L, voters sent a strong mandate to City leaders to invest in safe, sustainable and affordable transportation that benefits all of us.

“San Francisco voters have made it clear that they want to move forward, not backwards, when it comes to building safe, affordable, healthy transportation systems,” said Leah Shahum, Executive Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. “The funding and the policies that were affirmed on Election Day will make San Franciscans’ lives better, whether we walk, bike, drive or take transit. Now we call on City leaders to deliver the projects voters want to see.”

In passing Propositions A and B, with 71% and 61% respectively, San Francisco voters committed to investing in prioritizing our public transit system; building out a complete, connected bike network that is inviting for people ages 8-to-80; upgrading streets and sidewalks to ensure safety for people walking; and funding important safety work like Vision Zero.

“The City now has the funding and the public mandate to deliver the on-street improvements that will benefit all of us by ensuring safe, accessible and affordable transportation options,” said Shahum. “This is a win, particularly, for San Francisco families, seniors and residents in underserved neighborhoods who will benefit most from opportunities to travel safely and affordably throughout our city.”

In rejecting Proposition L, residents reaffirmed their commitment to the City’s Transit-First policy to prioritize biking, walking and transit over private automobile trips. Despite a well-funded campaign pushing a backwards-looking, cars-first approach, voters handily rejected the anti-bike, anti-transit measure and sent City leaders a strong message to double-down its investment in Transit-First.

In addition to a sweep of Transit-First ballot measures, voters also elected bike, pedestrian and transit-friendly Supervisors and BART Board members. All of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s endorsed candidates won their seats last night, further showing the public’s overwhelming support for transit and safe streets. The SF Bicycle Coalition endorsed Katy Tang for District 4, Jane Kim for District 6, Scott Wiener for District 8, Malia Cohen for District 10 and Nick Josefowitz for BART Board District 8.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition commends the strong partnership of community groups, businesses and City leaders, including Mayor Lee and the SF Board of Supervisors, in elevating transportation needs in this year’s election. And now the most important work begins.

“Now that we’ve won these crucial votes to invest in a safer, more affordable transportation system, we must ensure that City leaders follow through on their commitments by delivering the improvements voters asked for,” said Shahum. “We need to move past “business as usual” at City Hall and at the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) because the people have spoken for safe, great streets.”

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