Making a Difference: Meet Member Cat Young

Meet Cat Young, a highly-engaged member representing your SF Bicycle Coalition on the Caltrain Bicycle Advisory Committee to improve the experience of combining bikes and Caltrain. We caught up with Cat to hear her thoughts on Caltrain and biking as everyday transportation in SF.

SF Bicycle Coalition: How did you find out about the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and what inspired you to get involved?

Cat: I first moved to San Francisco in May of 2014 from Melbourne, Australia. I bought a bike and started biking everywhere within a couple of weeks of arriving; it was the best decision ever.

When I first arrived I knew I wanted to get involved in the local community through volunteering. I used the trusty internet to find the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and was inspired to get involved when I discovered the broad range of programs, classes and projects on which the organization was working. I really value biking as everyday transportation, so I was impressed by the fantastic, multifaceted work the SF Bicycle Coalition was doing to make biking easier for people of all ages and demographics, all over the city.

What does a safe city for people on bikes look like to you?

More protected, wide and visible bike lanes, better bike awareness among people driving and slower-moving cars would also be a big help. On the whole, a city where people feel just as safe riding a bike as they do using any other mode of transportation would be phenomenal.

You currently serve on our Caltrain Member Committee. Why is access to Caltrain for people biking important to you?

Largely because it opens up biking (and public transport) as an everyday transportation option for many people who might otherwise drive or not travel at all. Many people live and work too far apart to walk, but within riding distance. It’s just great that the on-board bike space on Caltrain makes riding an option for those who need their bikes on both ends of their journey.

Biking for transportation, including to and from work within San Francisco, has really improved my own quality of life since moving here. I hope that combining biking with the Caltrain will help others with longer commutes achieve that too.

What is your dream improvement to Caltrain for people on bikes?

My dream improvement is actually to dramatically upgrade Townsend Street near the Caltrain station at Fourth and King Streets. This stretch of road is currently a busy, bumpy and hazardous area used as access to the station by people biking every day.

As for specific upgrades, there is a lot of room for improvement. I think the best ideas will result if members put their heads together towards that.

What’s the best part about being a member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition?

Knowing that I, like all members, am making a difference is the best part, not only for people who bike in the city, but for all people who live, work or play here. The Bike Talks, rides and other events are pretty sweet too, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have met some passionate bike advocates along the way.

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