SF Needs Both Propositions J&K

With Election Day just two weeks away, two of the most important issues facing our city are on the ballot, and we need San Francisco voters to pass two propositions to fund real solutions.

Addressing homelessness and affordable, safe transportation challenges is crucial for the health and well-being of San Francisco. Propositions J&K do both, raising an estimated $154 million annually for solutions.

Proposition K raises the funds, and — if Proposition K passes — Proposition J sets aside about $50 million to fund desperately needed services for people without homes. The remaining $100 million or so would be invested into public transit, safe streets and affordable transportation programs as follows:

  • 12.4 percent to avoid Muni cuts and preserve affordability programs like Free Muni for Youth;
  • 18.8 percent for Muni fleet and facilities maintenance;
  • 9.4 percent for transit optimization and expansion;
  • 14.1 percent for new Caltrain and BART cars;
  • 32.9 percent for street repaving; and
  • 12.4 percent for Vision Zero projects protecting people who bike and walk.

None of this happens without the passage of both Propositions J&K.

It’s been a hectic election year, to say the least, which can pull people’s attention away from local issues.

If you believe that seniors and youth should have access to affordable transportation; if you support safe and reliable public transit for our city’s growing needs; if you believe in redesigning our most dangerous streets to put the safety of people first, then we need you to make your voice heard.

Make this image your profile image on Facebook and Twitter today, and let your friends know about the importance of passing both Propositions J&K. With exactly two weeks until Election Day, we need to make some noise and make a difference in how San Francisco invests in our streets and our city.

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