Making Protected Bike Lanes on Market Street a Reality

We are one approval away from getting protected bike lanes on Market Street from Octavia to the Wiggle. Write a letter today in support and urge the City to approve this project — and push for more.

It’s been a few years in the making, but after walking tours, community meetings and an open house last year, the Upper Market Street project is up for approvals in the next month. The full package of improvements features protected bike lanes in both directions from Octavia to the Duboce Bikeway, along with a landscaped median, an improved bike crossing and bike turn box at Octavia, pedestrian safety islands and bulb-outs throughout.

Write a Letter of Support

We’ve heard time and time again about the chronic double-parking in bike lanes, a well-known issue for Upper Market. Your support for protected bike lanes will use smart design to directly address this issue, but we know more needs to be done. If you want to see protected bike lanes extend further up Market, we encourage you to write a letter to new District 8 Supervisor Jeff Sheehy and the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).

Use the template included in the email and take a moment to personalize the message with your experience of biking on Upper Market and the need for protected bike lanes.

Subject: I Support Protected Bike Lanes on Upper Market

For more information about this project, take a look at the SFMTA’s website here. Have more thoughts? Drop a line at

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