“The Hairball” Due for Upgrades

Very rarely do intersections get a nickname. When it does happen, it is usually for good reason.

“The Hairball” is where Potrero Avenue, Cesar Chavez Street, Bayshore Boulevard and Highway 101 meet. The nickname didn’t come about by chance. Getting through this knot of streets and highways is often confusing, with a series of tangled paths making up the bicycle and pedestrian network.

Unravel the Hairball

The Hairball, however confusing it may be, is an important connection for people biking. Its central location means that it connects multiple neighborhoods to one another, serving as the only east-west and north-south route for many people who bike. From our members, the need for better bicycle infrastructure is clear: Many of you ride the Hairball regularly and are fed up with its poor riding conditions.

The entrance to the Hairball heading east on Cesar Chavez

Over the past few years, the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has studied the different segments of the Hairball to understand what improvements are possible. With our input, they have developed a list of priority areas of the interchange to be improved in the near future. Now we want to see those changes implemented.

Priority segments include two key entrances to the Hairball for people walking and biking, starting with the southside connection to Bayshore and Jerrold. New wayfinding signage is also a priority in the near-term while later phases will improve the entrance to the Hairball heading east on Cesar Chavez as well as lighting throughout.

With improvements to the Hairball on the table, we want to hear from you and make sure you get the latest news. There will be multiple opportunities to voice your opinion on how to make this tricky intersection a better place to bike. Add your name in support, and we’ll get you the latest as it comes along.

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