Meet Brando, Bringing Bike News to You for 14 Years

Meet Brando Fine, long-time San Francisco Bicycle Coalition member and volunteer. Though you may not have met him, you’ve likely encountered his handiwork: For the past 14 years, Brando has volunteered as our Tube Times Distribution Coordinator. He’s worked with a team of 20 volunteers to make sure the latest edition of our free, quarterly print publication, the Tube Times, is available in bike shops and cafes citywide so that you get the latest bike news, delivered by bike!

After his many years of incredibly dedicated volunteerism, Brando is hanging up his Coordinator hat (although he’s promised he’ll still help with distribution). We thought this was a great chance to catch up with Brando and hear about why we’ve been so lucky to benefit from his help all these years.

You’ve been volunteering with the SF Bicycle Coalition for over a decade. How did you first get involved?

In 1999 I was having coffee at the old Just Desserts on Church Street, and I picked up an issue of the Tube Times newsletter. I’d been hearing about some “bicycle group” out there, and starting to see signs of their work, but this was an “ah-hah!” moment for me. I joined and have been involved with the SF Bicycle Coalition ever since.

What’s been your favorite thing about being the Tube Times Distribution Coordinator?

It’s been a tremendously satisfying experience, on many levels. As distribution coordinator, I’ve had a lot of interaction with the workers at bike shops and cafes; the appreciation and respect for the SF Bicycle Coalition shown by these folks has always been inspiring to me.

What do you do with your time when you’re not donating it to the SF Bicycle Coalition?

Over the last five years I’ve gotten heavily involved with animal welfare work, socializing and training dogs at both the SPCA and Animal Care and Control. (If you need a pit bull or chihuahua, I can hook you up…)

What advice would you give to someone thinking about volunteering with the the SF Bicycle Coalition?

Do it! Keep an eye out for volunteering opportunities in the weekly Biker Bulletin and the occasional volunteer emails. There is SO much going on in this city, and the SF Bicycle Coalition is engaged with it on so many levels. There is so much going on, in fact, that I’d say we have a volunteer gig to fit just about anybody’s preference: working in the office, at home, on the streets, with other members, the public or working on something all by yourself. In fact, my work with the Tube Times has taken place in all these contexts, which has been great.

Our hats are off to Brando for his many years of dedicated support! And we’re very grateful to member-volunteer Zack Lipson for stepping in as our new Tube Times Distribution Coordinator. If you’d like to volunteer to bring the Tube Times to local bike shops and cafes, we always need more distributors and we’d love to have your help! Drop us a line here.

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