Meet Frankie, SF Bicycle Coalition Ambassador Extraordinaire

Meet Frankie Burton, a dedicated and active member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition who has been volunteering with us since 2013. Frankie is a passionate Bicycle Ambassador who has worked many of our street campaigns and has also helped out at special events, including Winterfest and the Golden Wheel Awards.

We caught up with Frankie to hear more about what she enjoys about being a San Francisco Bicycle Coalition member, and what keeps her coming back as a Bicycle Ambassador.

When did you start bicycling in the Bay Area?

I started biking in the Bay Area in 2007 when I moved here. Biking became  my primary means of transportation in 2003 in Isla Vista and Goleta when I went to UC Santa Barbara to study environmental studies.

When did you become a Bicycle Ambassador?

A few years ago, I wanted to attend Winterfest but wasn’t able to afford a ticket. I learned that volunteering grants you free admission to the event, so I decided to sign up as a volunteer. I had such a great time volunteering at Winterfest that I decided to become even more involved, so I attended the next Bicycle Ambassador training. I’ve been volunteering ever since.

What’s your favorite part about volunteering as a Bicycle Ambassador?

I am an extroverted transit nerd with over a decade of professional community outreach experience who is passionate about cycling, so being a Bicycle Ambassador is a great fit! It is rewarding to be a contributing participant at SF Bicycle Coalition events where our community often expresses appreciation for the work we do. My partner and I volunteer together now, which is a fun way to spend quality time contributing to our community and expressing our passion for biking.

When not volunteering or riding your bicycle around town, what do you do for work/fun?

I am a project manager at an environmental, infrastructure, transportation and water public participation and communications consulting firm, Katz & Associates, where we help people communicate about things that matter. We are a women-owned and small business with noticeable impact. We work on projects people rely on every day, but may take for granted, which also happens to be the projects I am passionate about. It is an opportunity to practice and see the power of empathy daily.

Since 2008, I have been singing with Conspiracy of Venus, an all-female voiced ensemble of 20-30 singers based in San Francisco that explores the creative frontiers of music under the artistic direction of Joyce Todd McBride. We interpret Joyce’s daring and inventive arrangements of beloved songs, ranging from popular classics (Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” and David Bowie’s “Life On Mars”) to edgy contemporary pieces (Bjork’s “Possibly Maybe” and “Hunter”), as well as original compositions by Joyce, with dazzling technical verve and tons of personality.

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