Meet Nicole Sroka: Member and Fashionista with BIKEISTA

Nicole Sroka

Meet Nicole Sroka, a new SF Bicycle Coalition member who’s working with a new women’s bicycling apparel company BIKEISTA. Nicole started bicycling in the city eight years ago and wouldn’t dream of reversing course. Read on to find out what Nicole loves about bicycling in the city and get to know her in person at a style show on Aug. 5!

SF Bicycle Coalition: How did you start bicycling in the Bay Area?

Nicole: I started my first venture into urban biking in San Francisco in 2009 after I sold my car and have never looked back!  A more experienced friend was particularly instrumental for showing me the “rules of the road.”

What’s your favorite thing about biking in the city?  

I LOVE the feeling of rolling down Market Street surrounded by a tribe of people who bike, like we are a positive force of nature! The best parts about bicycling in the city are all the benefits gained — time efficiency, cost savings, physical exercise, socializing while riding and reducing my environmental footprint. I have biked in cities around the world and have literally made lifelong friends while on a bicycle.

What are some changes that you’d like to see for people bicycling in San Francisco?

I’d like to see more safe and mindful driving by people behind the wheel, dedicated (versus intermingled) bike lanes, and ultimately, MORE bikes!

Can you tell us a little about your work with BIKEISTA?

BIKEISTA designs functional, yet fashionable clothing to support women, trans*, femme (WTF) cyclists. I am currently consulting with BIKEISTA on supply chain operations, building brand awareness and creating fruitful partnerships for the purpose of amplifying the company’s positive impact on the community and the environment.

BIKEISTA’s first style show is in early August. Can you tell us a little about the event?  

We wanted to create a free-to-attend, fun event for the Bay Area community to see BIKEISTA in action.  We’ll showcase a colorful collection of biker fashion (including even a gender-neutral tunic and a wedding dress!) that can also be purchased at the event.  Additionally, attendees will enjoy a panel discussion on trends, tips and useful experiences relevant to urban bicycling. The event takes place 2:00 – 4:00 pm on Saturday, Aug. 5 at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

BIKEISTA is a proud sponsor of Women Bike SF, an SF Bicycle Coalition program that supports and encourages women, trans* and femme riders in SF. Get to know BIKEISTA at their upcoming Style Show.

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