Meet Three People Who Shop by Bike

Leading up to Bike to Shop Day, we’re highlighting some of the San Francisco residents who do their local shopping by bike. Check out their stories and prepare for your own Bike to Shop experience on May 23rd.

Anastasia Novozhilova
Neighborhood: Inner Sunset
Gear: Basket
Bikes to: Local community markets for groceries, Ambiance for clothing, local hardware store

Why Anastasia Shops by Bike
Being able to go on a ride is fun and good exercise. It’s faster than walking and more pleasant than taking a bus. I don’t own a car because the cost isn’t worth it to me. I love the chance to get fresh air while I am running errands and easily get from place to pace. It’s also better for the environment. I think I unintentionally lost 10 pounds in the last 6 months when I switched to biking too!

Keeping it Simple
It’s really about the simple things for me. I like the routine of starting a Sunday at my local coffee place, Hollow — a tiny cute rustic cafe. Then I bike to the grocery store nearby that carries Russian food. I usually end up getting a BoBa tea nearby. On a bike, I can explore the neighborhood, but still get around quickly.


Brian Manford
Neighborhood: The Richmond
Gear: Porteur rack and bag
Bikes to: Rainbow Grocery, Heart of the City Farmers’ Market, anywhere

Why Brian Shops by Bike
I generally get around the city on my bike, so it’s the easiest and most convenient way for me to go shopping. I also love discovering new places while riding and being able to stop and check them out. I can carry a lot on my bag and rack, but it does have a limit so it’s a nice way to only buy what I need and not to overdo it. I do keep bungee cords on me just in case though.

Picking Up Building Materials by Bike
For a few projects I’ve biked to Discount Builders and bought lumber and other building supplies. Then I hauled them 4 miles across the city. It was a fun but tough ride; I had to be careful not to bump into anything since the boards were wider than my bike.


Pauline Farmer
Neighborhood: Civic Center
Gear: Panniers, trailer and backpack
Bikes to: Ferry Building, Trader Joe’s

Why Pauline Shops by Bike
I shop by bike because it’s easier to get around and park by bike; seems wasteful to drive because the distance to shops is short.

Most She’s Ever Carried
I didn’t know my trailer’s max weight capacity, but once I  loaded it up with 2 full cases of wine and other groceries. That much weight was touch and go.

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