Meet Your Board: Leah Shahum

“In a big city like San Francisco, there are few ways that you can be so engaged in efforts that clearly affect so many people in such great ways,” former executive director Leah Shahum said of volunteering with the SF Bicycle Coalition. One way Leah remains involved these days is by serving on our organization’s all-volunteer Board of Directors.

Leah is serving her first term on our board, a group who oversees the SF Bicycle Coalition’s financial health and supports our fundraising efforts. As a member of the board, Leah heads the Board Development Committee and also sits on the Political and Audit Committees.

It is Leah’s first term on the board, but she’s been involved with our organization since the 1990s, when she moved to the Mission from Florida.

“It was my first bike commuting experience,” she said. “Joining up with the SF Bicycle Coalition helped me get more comfortable with city-riding and introduced me to a whole new community of awesome people and opportunities.”

She started volunteering as our newsletter editor before working on membership recruitment and eventually joining our staff.

“I got sucked in over time,” she said. “The SF Bicycle Coalition is, no doubt, the most effective and exciting advocacy group in the city, and I felt really fortunate to be a part of a movement making such positive change in San Francisco.”

We’re lucky to have Leah as a hard-working, committed member of our board. It’s not always easy, but the work that the board does is critical to the the SF Bicycle Coalition’s ability to make our streets safe and welcoming for everyone.

“I feel so connected to the organization’s work and on-the-ground positive impacts,” Leah said. “Our work advances the organization’s strength and effectiveness, and that feels really satisfying.”

Members elect half of our all-volunteer Board of Directors every year. This year, voting opens on Nov. 14 and closes at Winterfest on Dec. 4. Voting will also be available online during that time, and in person at our office (1720 Market St.)


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