Meet Your Board: Zack Stender

Zack’s passion for bikes and bicycle advocacy in San Francisco goes way back. An SF Bicycle Coalition member since 2003, Zack’s commitment to making our city a more livable, bikeable place led to his service on our all-volunteer board, but also drew him to open Huckleberry Bicycles on mid-Market St. in 2010.

“I recently hosted a Bike Camping 101 workshop that was a fundraiser for the SF Bicycle Coalition at my bike shop,” Zack said. “As a board member, fundraising is a constant necessity to keep this organization producing.”

In addition to helping us keep the lights on, Zack has stepped up in other key roles during his tenure on the board.

“Currently, as chair of the Board Membership Committee, I am leading the board in supporting the staff’s effort to grow membership and volunteer programs,” Zack said. “On the Board Development Committee I am helping to prepare for the 2016 board elections and heading up the mid-year board check-ins that we do every year.”

With half of the board’s seats up for election every year, there is constant turnover and the accompanying need to ensure that everyone is finding ways to contribute constructively.

“We meet with each board member and see how they are doing, ask how they feel the board is doing, and use these findings to try to find how we can improve the board’s function and effectiveness,” Zack said.

Zack’s favorite part of serving on the board is the tangible effects that our collective work is having on the city around us.

“Every time a new bike lane is put in, or a new program to get more people on bikes is launched, or we win new policy to improve biking in San Francisco, I take pride in knowing that I played a significant role in helping to make it happen,” Zack said. “It’s hugely rewarding.”

Members elect half of our all-volunteer Board of Directors every year. This year, voting opens on Nov. 14 and closes at Winterfest on Dec. 4. Voting will also be available online during that time, and in person at our office (1720 Market St.)

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