Member Profile: Zi Rowland

Members are the backbone of our work, so we want to highlight the people who power our movement. Meet Zi, Western Addition resident, SF Bicycle Coalition member since 2009 and a very recent first-time grandmother (Congratulations, Zi!):

What I love about biking:
I like pedaling along outdoors whether it’s in sunshine, rain or wind; or whether I’m on my way to the office, the Mission, the Haight, the beach, etc. Piling stuff on my bike and getting it all home in one piece makes me grin! Also, knowing the rules of the road and how to maneuver has really given me confidence riding in the city, and that’s thanks to the free workshops I attended at SF Bicycle Coalition several years ago (which I highly recommend). San Francisco is one of the best bicycling cities voted in the top 10 on most lists, and I agree!

What I want to see improved:
I would like the Bicycle Coalition to publicize more to businesses regarding the free installation of bike racks.  Who do you contact if you encounter road conditions that could endanger bicyclists? Is it 311 or some other contact? Dedicated lanes on Mission Street would be nice, though I know it’s a busy commercial district and there are already bike lanes on the parallel Valencia Street.

A lot of bicyclists need to be educated about road rules, as I’ve seen a lot of them making mistakes in traffic with risky maneuvers, unsafe behavior or just plain disregard for motorists and pedestrians. What bugs me are the bicyclists that wear dark clothing at night with no lights or reflectors on themselves or their bicycle! Not smart.

Also, there ought to be public service messages to educate or remind drivers about bicycle laws, such as how it’s legal for us to travel closer to the center of the traffic lanes if there’s no other way, and that we can and should take the lane if narrow streets necessitate it or if we need to turn at an intersection (use the hand signal, people). Basically, in this sense I care about rights and responsibilities.

Why I’m a Member:
Well, I originally joined because I wanted the SF Bicycle Coalition membership discount offered at Rainbow Grocery, but I’ve continued membership even when Rainbow discontinued the 10% discount. I’m not active in bicycle advocacy, although I’ve done a little volunteering here and there, so I figure being a paying member is my way of lending support to the cause.

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