Complete Bay Bridge Bike Path Moves Closer to Reality

In 2013, we were thrilled to celebrate the opening of the Bay Bridge East Span bicycle and pedestrian path, a beautiful and scenic bikeway guiding you over the Bay. Since then, the question on everyone’s mind has been: When will I actually be able to bike all the way from San Francisco to Oakland?

The answer? Sooner than you think.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has been working on this campaign for years, and we’re excited that there’s finally real momentum to get one step closer to construction. Over the last few months, different teams from internationally-renown architecture firms have been submitting their application to be chosen to design a feasible alternative for a West Span bicycle and pedestrian path.

Last Wednesday, the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) voted to award a $10 million contract to Arup North America to do just that. BATA oversees the seven regional bridge connections in the Bay Area and will be spending the next year focused on identifying funding opportunities as Arup works out the technical details of this bikeway.

This is the first real concrete step forward and the SF Bicycle Coalition is committed to seeing this project all the way through to construction. We recognize the importance of this connection to our members, to San Francisco and to our region as a whole but that this will be a long process that will require support from many different stakeholders and the public at-large. Consider becoming a member to get involved in our advocacy work today!

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